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Kathmandu Valley Tour – An Excursion of God’s City and Ancient Architectural Heaven

Nepal is not only famous for the mountains, forests, and water resources. It is rich in culture and architecture too. There are numerous multiethnic people and multi-religious community. It has prompted the numerous diversified culture, architecture and pilgrimage sites. Kathmandu Valley Tour in Nepal is the excursion of ancient Durbar Squares, temples and Newar communities. Earlier the country was under the monarchial system. Nowadays is the Republic system. The country was ruled by different dynasties. Gopal, Lichhavis, Mallas, and Shahs ruled the nation. These kings and queens have left an enormous cultural heritage. There are numerous temples, pagodas, chaityas, stupas, monasteries, and Gambas. Kathmandu Valley Tour is the complete heritage and architectural excursion. There are three cities within the valley i.e. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur/Patan. Within the valley, there are 7 Unesco World Heritage Sites​.

Kathmandu Durbar Square is nearby the touristic hub Thamel and it is within walking distance too. However, among three durbar squares, this one is highly affected by the 2015 earthquake. Therefore, most of the buildings are under the renovation only. The only worthwhile visiting this place is the sight of living goddess Kumari. Patan Durbar Square is very organized and one can enjoy the magnificent architectural arts as well. Krishna Mandir, Museum, local Newari Restaurants and Taleju temples are the major attractions. In Bhaktapur, there are various durbar squares. Dattatreya Square, Pottery Square, Nyatapola and Bhadgaun Square are the major attractions. Bhaktapur is an ancient Newar city with many cultural activities. One can get a true understanding of Newari people after visiting the Bhaktapur.

Pashupatinath Temple is the sacred religious site of Hindus. Nepal’s oldest statue the Birupaksha is the major highlight together with entire temple premises. However, only Hindus are allowed to go inside the main temple. The funeral ritual of the Hindu is also the activity to witness on the temple. The other two places while doing the Kathmandu Valley Tour are Bouddhanath and Swyambhunath. These are Buddhists sites but are equally worshipped by the Hindu followers. One can get the panoramic view of the valley from the top of Swyambhunath as well. This is probably the only place where one can get the 360-degree view of the entire Kathmandu and on clear day mountains too. Book the Kathmandu Valley Tour in Nepal with us. Relish Nepal’s architecture, culture, and ancient history. It is a worthwhile holiday package in terms of information, cost and time. 


Day: 1 Arrive in Kathmandu

Our representative of the company staff will pick up you from Tribhuvan International Airport and transfer to the standard hotel in Thamel. Enjoy your overnight in the hotel. our guide will brief you with all the information about your trip.

Day: 2 Sightseeing(Kathmandu)

Today you will explore the famous and amazing heritages sites Boudhanath which is the biggest Buddhist Stupa in the world. It is surrounded by devotees who whirl 108 prayer wheels when chanting Om Mani Padme Hum. Boudhanath is Kathmandu's sacred Buddhist site. Pashupatinath, which is the very unique creation and consider as a most important SHive temple in Nepal which is rich in spiritual and cultural sources to have an insight on Nepali life and rituals. Swayambhunath Stupa which is one of the most popular destinations for Hindu, Buddhist and mixes religion call as monkey temple. from the stupa, you can explore the beautiful jungle views, different monasteries, and Kathmandu valley.

Day : 3 Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Drive to Nagarkot, approximate 1 and a half hour

you will drive to the Bhaktapur Durbar Square which is a museum of medieval art and architecture with many examples of sculptures, woodcarvings and colossal pagoda temples with different god and goddesses. Bhaktapur is the old capital city of Kathmandu valley in which you can explore the Newari culture, history, different types of traditions and festivals. Also, you will be able to see 55 windows palaces, Nyatpol temple, Vatsala Temple, etc. After visiting  Bhaktapur Durbar Square you will drive to Nagarkot (2100meter) of an attractive sunset view. Stay overnight in lodges.

Day: 4 Drive to Kathmandu via chagunarayan temple, approximate 1.5 hour

you will wake up early in the morning and see the beautiful sunrise and mountain views from the hotel. After that, you will drive to the chagunarayan temple which is the very oldest Hindu temple built in two-tiered pagoda style, the main shrine here is guarded on all sides by pairs of real and mythical beasts like elephant, lions and also belongs to Lord Bishnu, also listed in UNESCO world heritage.  After visiting chagunarayan temple you will drive to Kathmandu. After visiting Kathmandu you will explore a different oldest and famous supermarket like Ason, Kilagal, Indrachwok and also a  StupaShreegal.Again you will continue to the Bhaktapur Durbar Square which is famous and unique in historical, cultural and different religious traditions. One of the most unique is also a temple of the living goddess "Kumari". In the Kathmandu valley, there is a perfect combination of art, culture, historical and religious traditions. Stay overnight at lodges. 

Day: 5 Final Departure

Our adventure in Nepal reaches an end today! A Company delegate will drop you off at the air terminal roughly 3 hours before our booked flight. On our approach to home, you will have a lot of time to design your next experience in the magnificent nation of Nepal.


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